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We compare crypto exchanges so you get the best exchange rates from verified, trusted providers.

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Save for the future and ride out market turbulence with regular monthly bitcoin purchases.

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Digital currencies can be confusing. Invity knows this, so we carefully curate a selection of only the most trustworthy partners in the crypto market. This means we provide you with the best offers for buying, exchanging, and investing in cryptocurrencies—all in one place. Plus we've crafted a minimalist, nontechnical interface to give you the smoothest experience, whether it's your first or one hundred and first crypto purchase.

Our partners have sound names and reputations.

Invity is your trusted cryptocurrency curator—we know and work with only the most reliable partners.

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Get offers quickly

It only takes one click to get a personalized list of exchange offers complete with rates, identification requirements, and refund policies.

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Better process, better security

Invity carefully chooses its partners based on years of experience—that means a painless buying process and greater security for your crypto.

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What's in it for Invity?

We're transparent about where our revenue comes from—we simply arrange revenue sharing agreements with each of our trusted providers.

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exchange rates

Invity's comparison tool curates the best cryptocurrency exchange rates from across the web. Each offer features short processing times, low fees, and all the info you need to make the best choice. Trade the biggest cryptocurrencies or your favorite altcoins.

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Crypto is for everyone!

It's not 2009 anymore: we're well into the Bitcoin era. Today's world is moving toward digital payments for everything, which means everyone should have safe access to digital currencies. Invity is here to bring Bitcoin, altcoins, and knowledge to new and experienced users alike.

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Invest in your future—today

Set up an Invity savings plan: spend a small amount of your monthly income to make recurring purchases of crypto. With Invity, your funds can diversify and flourish.

Convert to cash—anywhere

Earning money in digital currencies is becoming the new normal. With Invity, you can convert your crypto to local currencies that you can use to pay for what you need in cash.

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Send money internationally—instantly

Maybe you're far from family members you support, or maybe you're doing business abroad. Crypto means you no longer have to struggle with high banking fees, long wait times, or strict regulations: simply use your credit or debit card to buy the crypto you need, then send funds across the globe. With Invity, your relatives will receive money within minutes, or your business partner can send your goods immediately.

Crypto hardware wallets

Store your coins in the most secure environments from the most trusted providers.

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Trezor Model T

The latest-gen hardware wallet with a modern interface for the highest security and the smoothest user experience.

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Trezor Model One

The most secure hardware wallet choice for everyone, whether you are new to Bitcoin or already an expert.

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Bitcoin accepted

Use our sister project Coinmap to discover that your favorite coffee shop accepts cryptocurrency, or simply find a Bitcoin ATM near you. Shop and spend crypto in your neighborhood or worldwide.

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