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Bitcoin savings plan

Investing in cryptocurrency, easily. Use dollar-cost averaging to buy Bitcoin regularly.

Save Bitcoin in Trezor Suite

Bitcoin savings plan is currently available in Trezor Suite. In a seamless hardware wallet integration, it offers dollar-cost averaging (DCA) Bitcoin investments via our verified providers. Continue reading and find out how to set up your own Bitcoin savings plan.

Open Trezor Suite
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I own a Trezor

Connect your Trezor, open the Trezor Suite app or head to the web app. Once inside, proceed to Trade — Save bitcoin and start stacking!

I want to buy a Trezor

Visit the Trezor e-shop and take the first step towards regularly and securely saving bitcoin!

I don't own a Trezor

Can't afford a Trezor? Start saving bitcoin in our safe & simpleInvity mobile app without the need to invest in a hardware wallet.

Should I consider crypto investments?
How do I invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in cryptocurrency is now an established way to diversify your traditional investments in the '21st century. So building a crypto portfolio is a good idea for almost anyone. Plus it's even easier than traditional investments or even a savings account. Just set up recurring crypto purchases - or you might think of them as deposits - to grow your investment over time and on your own schedule while riding out volatility in the market.

  • Regularity protects
  • Build up over time
  • Save on your schedule
  • Future-proof your portfolio
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    Save in bitcoin via Trezor

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