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Whether your goal is to open a crypto savings account or to start crypto day trading, it all starts with buying your first crypto. Invity is here to open the world of crypto safely and easily!

Get started with crypto!
A crypto-curious new user looks around at the world of crypto and wants to learn more about Bitcoin and altcoins
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What coin should I start with?

Like dollars, euros, or pounds, there are many different cryptocurrencies, or coins. Deciding which to invest in is your first choice. This affects the wallet you need and your options for buying crypto. Some coins offer big returns but potentially big losses, while others tend to be more stable.
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How should I approach my decision?

Cryptocurrencies let you be your own bank, meaning you get to manage your investments directly. So the way you invest in crypto is based on your situation and needs informed by your own research. A good all-around starting point is the first and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

First, you need
a crypto wallet

Keep your crypto safe and accessible

I already have a walletWhat is a crypto wallet?
A hand holding a smartphone shows off their first crypto wallet

What is a crypto wallet?

Like with offline money, you need a way to protect your crypto while keeping it close at hand: a wallet. This can be a smartphone app or a standalone device. Whatever your choice, keep it secure.


Crypto wallets don't contain coins - coins are only pieces of a blockchain network. Wallets contain your keys.


Two types of keys, public and private keys, are bits of data that let you access the blockchain and thus your coins.


Keys are like your bank account number and your signature on a check. They're how you receive and send your crypto.

Where can I get a crypto wallet?

A smartphone with apps can serve as a good first crypto wallet

Hot (software) wallet

Where you get your wallet depends on the type of wallet you want. If you want a convenient app (a "hot wallet"), these can usually be downloaded from the creator's website or an app store for free or low cost. The Blockstream Green and the BlueWallet are trustworthy, easy-to-use hot wallet choices.

Learn more about crypto wallets
A stylized Trezor hardware wallet connected to a computer with a USB cable - this is the best crypto wallet on the market

Cold (hardware) wallet

A specially designed device (a "cold wallet") offers maximum security for your crypto. These can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer or a verified reseller to ensure safety from start to finish. The Trezor Model T leads the industry today, and you can get a 10% discount if you order through Invity.
Good to know
Each cryptocurrency is technically unique, and it's challenging to make sure a coin and wallet work flawlessly together. So not every wallet may work with every coin. Crypto wallet creators usually list the coins that their interface works with - look for terms like "supported coins". Here's an example from Trezor with nearly 2000 coins.

When deciding on your first crypto wallet or upgrading, make sure a wallet supports the coins you want to invest in.

What is a crypto address?

A crypto address is similar to a postal address or email address: it's where you'll receive your crypto when you buy or receive some as part of a trade. Another person's address is where you'll send your crypto when you spend or trade crypto.

Crypto address examples

Addresses are mathematically generated from the public key that your crypto wallet protects.


The process that generates an address preserves your privacy and can produce endless numbers of addresses.


You can have as many addresses as you like. Using a new address each time you receive crypto is a security best practice.

Good to know
The exact place where you can find a new address varies depending on your wallet, but it's usually one of the most prominent features. Always copy and paste your crypto address to reduce the risk of errors - if crypto is sent to an incorrect address, it's gone for good.

The exact address format also varies depending on the crypto. You must use a key and address specific to the crypto you are buying. Read our blog to learn about some of the major coins.

Be prepared to
verify yourself

Get your documents and phone ready

I already have my IDsWhat is verification?
A stylized passport, utility bill, and receipt
A silhouette with a green checkmark - this user has passed KYC

What do I need to verify myself?

Getting verified is required to buy crypto through Invity. Luckily, this is a painless process. You'll be asked for some info like your driver’s license, passport, proof of address (utility bill), phone number, and/or a selfie. To make this go smoothly, have your ID documents and phone ready.
A silhouette wearing a hat and sunglasses with a red X - this security threat is why KYC is necessary

Why do I need to verify myself?

Verification is also called "know your customer" (KYC). Along with anti-money laundering (AML), KYC is a required step for finance institutions - from banks to crypto exchanges - to operate legally. It helps keep the crypto ecosystem safe for everyone. Learn more about KYC.

Good to know
Each provider in Invity's comparison tool completes KYC separately and securely. This is usually a one-time process: once you've completed a KYC process you're usually good to go for every subsequent time you buy crypto with that provider.

It's also good to note that Invity's Exchange feature includes crypto exchanges without KYC, meaning crypto-to-crypto exchanges can happen even more quickly.

Let’s buy your
first crypto

Compare to find the best offer for you

I'm ready to buy cryptoHow do I buy crypto?
A person pushes a shopping cart full of Bitcoin and altcoins - they bought their first crypto with Invity

How do I get offers?

Go to or select Buy crypto in the Invity menu. Before you start, double-check that your wallet, phone, and verification materials are ready. Then make sure "Offers for" is set to your location - this ensures you see all applicable offers when you buy your first crypto.


Choose a currency to spend

You can spend over 30 world currencies using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or local payment methods.


Choose how much to spend

Type in how much cash you want to convert to crypto. Or click the double arrows to type how much crypto you want to purchase.


Choose which crypto to buy

Use the drop-down list to choose which coin you want to buy. You're all set - now hit "Compare and buy"!

Good to know
So why isn't there one universal price when you want to buy crypto? Crypto prices are determined by market forces - anything from how much crypto a provider has available, to how often a provider checks the going rate for crypto, to exchange rates between fiat currencies can affect the offers you see. This can change from moment to moment, which is why Invity is such a valuable tool.

The payment method you choose can also be beneficial; read our blog to learn more about local payment methods.

Compare and buy crypto instantly!

Invity's comparison tool will show you offers from around the web based on the info you provide. Compare crypto prices, payment methods, and provider details all in one place. All applicable exchange fees already included - what you see is what you'll get. Just select "Get this deal" next to the offer you like best.

Invity's results pages recap how much of your selected currency you want to convert to crypto. If you choose a smaller currency, you may also see alternative offers in major world currencies for even more options.
Currency to spend alt
The main focus of each offer is how much crypto you will end up with for the amount you want to spend. Find this on the left side of the list of offers along with the symbol of the coin you want.
Currency to spend alt
Just to the right of center on each offer is the payment method you'll need to use to get that price. Credit card, bank transfer, or local payment methods - Invity connects you to a dozen options with more on the way.
Currency to spend alt
Beneath the "Get this deal" button is the logo and name of the provider that will carry out your crypto purchase. Not every provider works in every location or with every currency, so check this carefully.
Currency to spend alt

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