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A stylized local storefront - Invity is similar, making crypto accessible to everyone and friendly too

Invity visuals

Download high-quality logos and brand marks for use when talking about Invity. We've optimized each version for screen or print.

Logos and brand marks

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Invity media kit

Find high-quality screenshots of Invity's interface, Invity in Trezor Suite, and background info. As a bonus, you can also find info about!

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Invity and the SatoshiLabs Group

Invity makes it easy to get started with crypto, but we're not alone. The SatoshiLabs Group takes security and financial independence seriously: Trezor makes the most secure hardware wallet, while Tropic Square is creating an auditable security chip for better hardware security.

Learn more about the Satoshilabs Group

Invity's brought together a team of experts on a mission to democratize money, and we've built a great company and a great tool to make this a reality. If you're making articles or other content about the crypto space, any one of us will be happy to share our thoughts.

—Štěpán Uherík, CEO of Invity

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