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Let's bake some cookies…

Who are you and why am I here?

We are a commercial company called s.r.o., incorporated and existing under the laws of the Czech Republic, Id. No. '083 88 032, with registered office at Kundratka 2359/17a, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic, registered in the commercial register kept by the Metropolitan Court in Prague under file No. C 318166.

We operate the website (and any subdomains thereof). Since we use cookies on our website to analyze traffic and to personalize content and ads, we prepared this Cookie Policy to help you understand what cookies are and how we use them (and also to comply with applicable law).

If you do not like anything you read in this Cookie Policy, we must ask you not to use our website, to delete any cookies already stored therefrom, and/or to change settings of your web browser to disable storing any cookies from our website.

For further information on how we collect, process, store and keep secure your personal data, please, refer to privacy policies available on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your device by websites you visit. They allow websites to recognize your device and store some information, for example about your location and past actions.

There are different types of cookies. Some cookies may be stored on your device till their expiry date, unless you delete them earlier (“persistent cookies”), and some may expire at the end of your browsing session, when your web browser is closed (“session cookies”). Some cookies may come directly from the web server of our website (“first-party cookie”) and some are stored by a different domain (“third-party cookies”).

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What cookies do you use?

The cookies we use cannot grant us any access to your computer. These cookies are not viruses or spyware and are not built to damage your device. We use both persistent and session cookies and both first-party and third-party cookies on our website.

We have listed the cookies that we use on our website, what each cookie is used for and how long it is retained below:

Statistics Cookies (to help us understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting anonymous information).

Marketing cookies (to display ads that are relevant for visitors).

What choices do I have?

If you do not agree with this Cookie Policy, you may at any time easily manage stored cookies in your web browser settings (that means you can delete them) and you can also disable or limit storing of any new cookies. The exact procedure to manage the cookies depends on your web browser.

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You may choose to disable storing cookies in general or only for some web servers. Please, be aware that in the event you decide to disable the cookies (in general or partially) or to delete stored cookies that we use, you may not be able to enjoy all the features of our website and our services.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions about cookies and this Cookie Policy, please, contact our support team at [email protected].

Changes to the Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to amend and/or change this Cookie Policy from time to time. Therefore, please, check this Cookie Policy regularly.

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