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Your companion in cryptocurrencies.

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Inviting everyone to the world of crypto.

We think every individual should have control over the money they use every day: secure, borderless, democratized access to financial self-sovereignty must be the new normal.

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Technology is the answer

And it's rapidly improving in every imaginable field. Led by Bitcoin, digital currencies and the alternative finance ecosystem offer a realistic way to live out these beliefs.

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Uncomplicating crypto

Complexity is the last hurdle: until now, the crypto space has been seen as a fringe interest, remaining mostly impenetrable to all but the most dedicated observers.

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We're here for change

By putting simplicity, trust, and education at the core of our features, we're making cryptocurrencies obtainable and understandable for everyone.

How we're growing the crypto community

We scrutinized the crypto companies we've worked with over the years and partnered only with those that offer the best rates, the most trustworthy services, and the most effective support. Then we put their features in a single location with a straightforward interface that allows you to buy, exchange, and save digital currencies with ease. Now we're backing everything up with a growing collection of explanatory materials so that you never feel lost in the quickly changing world of crypto.

You're in good hands.

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Buy cryptocurrencies

Simply select your fiat currency, your desired digital currency, and the best deal—before you know it, you're the proud owner of some crypto.

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Exchange cryptocurrencies

Compare the best digital currency exchange rates from across the web then trade through verified providers using a simple dashboard.

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Invest in cryptocurrencies

Include bitcoin in your portfolio. Set up recurring monthly bitcoin purchases to protect your future and guard against market swings.

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Spend cryptocurrencies

Convert your crypto to your local fiat currency, or take advantage of exciting new ways of spending unique to digital currencies.

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Around the world, more businesses are accepting crypto; find them all here. Or find ATMs to buy or instantly cash out your crypto.

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We work with Trezor to build better security. Use this blockchain indexer to run your wallet locally, without connecting to Trezor servers.

Made in the 🖤 of Europe

We're an international bunch of people brought together by our dreams of creating a better world. A world in which everyone can make their own decisions, take control of their privacy, and, put simply, live freely in a more equitable world.

Our team started by developing the exclusive internal trading platform for Trezor, the original cryptocurrency hardware wallet invented by SatoshiLabs. But we decided we needed to open the world of crypto to everyone, regardless of which wallet they're using or how familiar they are with crypto.

And so Invity.io became an independent entity within the trusted SatoshiLabs Group. Our most basic goal is to provide comprehensive crypto services—buying, exchanging, saving, and spending—all in one place. But we're not single-minded either: our time spent on projects within both digital and offline spaces only strengthens our ability to live up to what we think every company should offer—the latest technologies, the best support, and features that keep up with the times to help you make informed decisions about your money.

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