Save for your future.
Invest in bitcoin.

Make Bitcoin part of your monthly budget and your long-term plan.

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Why invest in cryptocurrency?

Whether you're saving for a rainy day or looking forward to retirement, cryptocurrencies are the latest assets that we think everyone should have in a modern, diverse portfolio. But many have the question of how to plan for the future using Bitcoin. With Invity it's easy to make regular bitcoin purchases just like you make regular deposits into a savings account. This ensures that you'll build up a nest egg while also insulating yourself from bitcoin price fluctuations.

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Your Bitcoin wallet

Whatever type of wallet you have, make sure it's ready to be used. Don't have a Bitcoin wallet yet? Check out our recommendations in our FAQ.

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Your bank account number

This information should be easy to find on your bank statement or your online banking profile. Be aware that formats may vary slighly by bank and location.

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An online banking profile

Make sure you've set up an online banking profile. Almost every bank offers these through their website and most have easy-to-use apps.

Who should consider crypto investments?
How can you even get started?

Building your savings using crypto is a good idea for just about everyone—it's as easy as using a typical savings account and a great way to diversify your portfolio. One of our favorite ways to save is through regular bitcoin purchases—or you might think of them as deposits. Start out small and keep at it on a monthly basis, and over time you'll accumulate a nice chunk of change. Similar to other long-term investments, holding on to your funds allows you to ride out volatility in the market and to grow with time.

  • Some is better than none

  • Set it and forget it

  • Regularity protects

  • Sleep soundly

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