Look to the future with a
crypto savings account

Investing in cryptocurrency, easily. Use dollar-cost averaging to buy Bitcoin regularly.

Build a crypto portfolio

Save for a rainy day, plan for retirement, or diversify your portfolio: crypto complements traditional assets. Buy and hold crypto like Bitcoin to hedge against inflation, make managing your money easier, and get great returns on your investment.

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Traditional + technological

Sync your online banking profile and your crypto savings: set up regular dollar-cost averaging crypto purchases once then rest easy.

Sent to your crypto wallet

Like all of Invity's products, our crypto savings account is non-custodial: your coins are transferred to the wallet of your choice right away.

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Should I consider crypto investments?
How do I invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in cryptocurrency is now an established way to diversify your traditional investments in the '21st century. So building a crypto portfolio is a good idea for almost anyone. Plus it's even easier than traditional investments or even a savings account. Just set up recurring crypto purchases - or you might think of them as deposits - to grow your investment over time and on your own schedule while riding out volatility in the market.

  • Regularity protects
  • Build up over time
  • Save on your schedule
  • Future-proof your portfolio
  • We're still working out the details of Invest in crypto...

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    Crypto savings account

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