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Start your crypto journey with the new Invity mobile app. The most intuitive, secure, and welcoming way to buy, sell, and save bitcoin.

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Buy & sell

Buying & selling digital assets has never been simpler. You’re just a few quick taps away!

Send & receive

Transact securely with a quick QR code share option.

Save in Bitcoin

Bitcoin investment made easy with our dollar-cost averaging feature.

User-friendly interface

No unnecessary features, jargon, and fluff. You’ll never get lost in our app.


Buy, sell & save with ease

With Invity, Bitcoin is not intimidating. Our streamlined interface will seamlessly guide you through your first purchase in just a few minutes. And thanks to our recurring buy feature and dollar-cost averaging, you can also benefit from its long-term value growth.

Secure way forward

Your safety always comes first. As part of the SatoshiLabs Group, we appreciate the true value of security, and Invity’s years of successful integration into the Trezor hardware wallet are here to prove it. In our mobile app, we’ve partnered up with BitGo, a global leader in institutional custody, to ensure top security of your funds and transactions.


Learn as you earn

We empower our users to achieve financial freedom. Our interface and contextual tips will guide you to take control of your present and make independent decisions about your future.

Save for the future.
Save in Bitcoin.

Dollar-cost averaging is a great tool to overcome any short-term volatility and take advantage of Bitcoin’s long-term growth. Set up a recurring Bitcoin purchase, minimize the negative effect of market fluctuations, and drift towards a financially independent future.


The coin of choice

Bitcoin is the most established and reputable cryptocurrency to date. Next to other coins (and even some fiat currencies), its economy and technology is the most secure, stable, decentralized, and accessible. This makes Bitcoin a smart investment both financially and socially.


Protection by regularity

Bitcoin can be subject to higher market volatility than more traditional investments. Regular purchases can protect you against ups and downs in the market while building your nest egg for the future.


Future-proof portfolio

Bitcoin is a modern asset that’s found its way to nearly every diverse portfolio. Its long-term trend has been decisively upward and we’re seeing many institutions and even some countries adopt it. All of that suggests that Bitcoin is one to watch for the future.

How much bitcoin would you have?

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How it works

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Get your bitcoin with a single purchase or set up a recurring buy to save with dollar-cost averaging.

Verify your ID

Go through a quick & user-friendly ID verification process to activate your account.

Pick a payment method

Fast & secure payment with your bank card. More payment methods coming soon!


You’re now the proud owner of your first bitcoin! Check out its value in your dashboard and watch your portfolio grow!

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future today

The Invity mobile app is available for download on App Store and Google Play. Just a few taps to get your first bitcoin!


Mobile app FAQ

Everything you need to know about the Invity mobile app for a safe & simple crypto experience.