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If your blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or other platform covers cryptocurrencies, finances, investing, or technology, you can help open up the world of crypto. Create interesting content telling people about Invity and we'll repay our appreciation!

Become an affiliate
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Why become an Invity affiliate?

Uncommonly generous

Just for starters, you'll get 70% of the fees we collect from each transaction you refer. After 10 conversions, we bump that up to 80% as thanks.

Uncomplicate crypto
for your audience

Whether your audience is new to crypto or looking to make crypto transactions easier, Invity's got a smooth product and materials that help you communicate it.

We value

Your hard work is valuable, so we want to hear what your audience likes or doesn't. Tell us how we can improve our product and how we can help you grow.

Two affiliate tiers




30 days

cookie duration






90 days

cookie duration

Promotional materials

Content creators are busy enough, so we have a full kit of logos, screenshots, and product breakdowns to simplify your life.

Detailed reporting

The Invity affiliate program includes a dashboard to keep you informed. See your referrals and your expected payout.

A flexible, attractive widget

Make your site a mini exchange: feature Invity's comparison tool on any page you like. Whether you want buy rates, exchange rates, a full version, or a slim version, our widget is both powerful and customizable. Visitors can even start their crypto transactions with a single click.

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Become an affiliate
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