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Spread the word about Invity and reap the rewards.

Do you have a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or other platform devoted to cryptocurrencies, finances, investing, or technology? Create interesting content telling people what you love about Invity and we'll gladly show our appreciation!

Why become an Invity affiliate?

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Up to 80% commissions

You'll make a percentage of the fee on each completed transaction you refer. The more you refer, the greater your cut—simple as that.

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Regular payouts

Whether it's your main gig or a sideline, your monthly earnings will be paid in your preferred currency: USD, EUR, CZK, or BTC.

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Dedicated support

Our team is devoted to you. Whether we can help solve a problem or help your business grow, our lines of communication are always open.

Our transparent earning model

Our affiliates always know where they stand. Everyone begins as a starter; after referring 10 conversions, you're automatically promoted to the associate tier.



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90 days

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Being an affiliate is simple.

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Promotional materials

Making Invity-related content is easy with Invity logos, banners, screenshots, and sample posts in our affiliate kit.

Detailed reporting

Our affiliate environment lets you assess your campaigns, see your earnings, and check your payouts.

Your report could look like this

A flexible, attractive widget

Generate more affiliate revenue and make your site into a mini exchange: feature our comparison tool on any page you like. Whether you want buy rates, exchange rates, a full version, or a slim version, our widget is both powerful and customizable. Visitors can even start their crypto transactions with a single click.
Check out our widget!

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Interested? Simply register below! If you're not sure your platform would fit here, read more about all our partnership options to find the most suitable way for us to cooperate. We'll get in touch as soon as possible!

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