Broaden your services.
Become an Invity integrator.

Get the most out of your site or app.

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Offer Invity on your platform.

Everyone wants to offer the ability to make crypto transactions, but providing those services can be technically and legally complex. Invity fixes this: we let you include our comparison tool in your site or app so your users can exchange or buy crypto instantly without leaving your platform.

Why become an Invity integrator?

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Give your users more

You won't offer just one exchange, you'll offer 10—and counting. Customers can start to buy and exchange crypto without leaving your environment.

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A new revenue stream

You'll get the majority of the fees when customers start their trades on your platform. Get your earnings in USD, EUR, CZK, or BTC.

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Dedicated support

Our team is devoted to you. Whether we can help solve a problem or help your business grow, our lines of communication are always open.

Who are we looking for?

  • Websites or apps that can easily accomodate Invity's iFrame

  • High-quality traffic and impressive conversion rates

  • Reliable, reputable, customer-oriented services

  • A win-win earning model

    We work on a revenue-sharing basis. When you connect a customer to Invity, we both get a percentage of their transaction—everyone's happy.

    Being an integrator is smart.

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    Enhance your platform

    Including the ability to buy and exchange crypto with your product gives you a leg up in the competitve world of crypto.

    We do the hard work

    We take care of adding new providers and following regulations. You just get to offer your customers the best rates.

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    Let's talk!

    Interested? Simply fill out the form below! If you're not sure how your platform fits, read more about all our partnership options or use the "Any additional information" section at the end of the form. We'll get in touch as soon as possible!

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