Offer your users more

Become an Invity integrator

Get the most out of your wallet, app, or website: Invity's comparison tool lets your users start to buy, exchange, or sell crypto without leaving your environment. Just integrate once and then let us do the hard work.

Become an integrator
A person with red hair stands between a server and a page on a website - they're making Invity part of their platform

Why become an Invity integrator?

More options,
more convenience

You won't offer just one exchange, you'll offer 12 - and counting. Customers can start the buy, exchange, or sell process without leaving your environment.

Open a new
revenue stream

You'll get a percentage of the fees when customers start their trades on your platform. Get your earnings in USD, EUR, CZK, or - of course - BTC.

Dedicated and
timely support

Our team is devoted to you. From hands-on integration to troubleshooting to marketing collaborations, our lines of communication are always open.

Who are Invity's integrators?

  • Apps, wallets, or websites that can easily accomodate the Invity comparison tool iFrame
  • High-quality traffic, impressive conversion rates, and ideally a strong potential for growth
  • Customer-oriented services - companies with great reputations and reliable support
  • Revenue-sharing

    When one of your users makes a transaction through Invity's comparison tool, we both get a percentage of the transaction - everyone's happy.

    your platform

    Including buying, exchanging, or selling crypto with your product gives you a leg up in the competitve world of crypto.

    We do
    the hard work

    We take care of adding new providers and following regulations. You just get to offer the best crypto rates in a simple interface.

    Let's talk crypto business!

    Interested? Simply fill in the contact form! Not sure you're an integrator? Use the "Any additional information" section at the end of the form and we'll take it from there.

    Become an integrator
    A person with long black hair makes a business pitch to Invity and has their crypto questions answered

    Partnerships & affiliates

    Come here for basic info about our partnership program. To learn more, visit the appropriate provider, integrator, or affiliate page.