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Join Invity's comparison tool.

If you provide a buy crypto or instant exchange service, you know that connecting to customers is key. Invity's comparison tool is perfect for catching the eye of new and experienced cryto users alike with your great rates and unique payment methods.

Why become an Invity provider?

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Show how you stack up

Invity's comparison tool is the ideal way to flex your business's muscles. Draw customers in by demonstrating how your service stands out.

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Reach new customers

Expand your base: Invity targets users just starting their crypto journeys as well as those who have invested in hardware wallets.

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Dedicated support

Our team is devoted to you. Whether we can help solve a problem or help your business grow, our lines of communication are always open.

Who are we looking for?

  • Global buy or exchange services with competitive rates

  • Regional services with local payment methods that enable cheap and convenient transactions

  • Products with extensive APIs for seamless integration

  • A win-win earning model

    We work on a revenue-sharing basis. When Invity connects a customer to your service, we both get a percentage of their transaction—everyone's happy.

    Being a provider is sensible.

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    Get noticed

    Include your logo across our site and in other materials. More users will notice, meaning more profit for you.

    Expand your brand

    Your service's offers will be included anytime an integrator adds Invity to their site or app.

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    Let's talk!

    Interested? Simply fill out the form below! If you're not sure your service would fit here, read more about all our partnership options or use the "Any additional information" section at the end of the form. We'll get in touch as soon as possible!

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